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Christmas Time :iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 0
I'll pull my heartstings on a harp
And now I will play you my songs
You will understand my pain
But you wont feel the same
I'll pull the strings of my heart
Tug and rip until they are gone
You will see the blood as it flows
But you wont feel the same
You understand my friends
This pain is my own
You will never understand what I feel
And neither will I understand yours
But as I play on my heart
As I rip out my heartstrings
You will understand that I'm not okay
Isn't that all you need to know?
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 6 0
Dear no one
Dear no one
I hope you are fine
I hope you live your life
I hope you are happy inside
Dear no one
I hope you laugh
I hope you smile
I hope you feel alive
Dear no one
I hope you love
I hope you sleep
I hope you feel great
Dear no one
I might not know you
But that doesn’t mean
That I don’t care
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 10 4
I will paint with my tears
So you will understand
The monster inside of me
I will make you understand
Why I am how I am
The painting is almost complete
Nervousness is what I feel
As you look at my heart
But my tears still drum on the canvas
You look up at me
And as another tear falls
You kiss me
Whispering that It will be okay
That my darkness is not a weakness
Even if I’m a sinner lurking in shadows
I don’t know why I deserve you
I really don’t
But every time you embrace me
Nothing feels wrong
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 7 2
A Time
Is there a time worth saving
Is there a time where we were truly alive
We lurk in the shadows
Hoping not to be torn apart
We try to shine in our own ways
But was there a time when you wore your colors?
We hide in the shadows
To feel as if we do not fall apart
Is there a time worth saving
A time before we all hid in the dark
A time where we could shine in our ways
Without breaking apart
Lets floath way my darling
Lets find a time where we were happy
That is what matters to me
Being happy and marching with my colors
So everyone can see
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 4 4
Love is like sand
The most realistic picture of love
Two people make a heart in the sand
The make promises and they kiss
But a wave comes, and the heart washes away
The heart Shatters and sometimes they disappear
At times only one half remains, and that half is in pain
Other times it’s completely gone, as if it was never there
But some are drawn again
They don’t want to end
For in every person, there Is love
Lets draw a heart together
And I hope it will never fade
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 1
Wrap me in your warm embrace
Please weave my mists
Don’t let me go
You’re the closest thing I have to a home
Mist-weaver kiss me once again
I just need one sip
Of your sweet taste
I know when I’m alone you are still here
Wrap me up in a blanket pure
You weave to slow
I need you more
Than you will ever know my darling
We will always have each other
As I sing my song
You will get closer
And the day we join is the day of dreams
Take me away from this dark place
Show me sleep
And eternal rest
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 0 1
This Path
Slowly falling back
You shouldn’t stray too far
This path leads nowhere  
You know the truth
But don’t let me bother you
This path contains clues
Don’t worry child
You are not evil that is true
This path my lie to you
Realize my love
Darkness is also in my heart
This path will change your eyes
Don’t be afraid
Cause you will soon understand
This path never ends
Don’t you hide
This way you will see
That truth is a matter of perspective
And you have been deceived
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 2 0
Shoulder To The Plow
I got my shoulder to the plow
Slowly making way through life
Keeping my plow steady
Slowly reaching my goal
I have not ever sinned
Nor will I ever do
And while god is my witness
I plow my way trough
My heart has not felt greed
And deep inside I’m proud
As my stomach rumbles
I know that god is here
As the darkness gets closer
And the witches laugh loudly
God will protect me
Cause I’m his child
I plow my way through life
Remembering the ten commandments
I have never stolen
Cause I know he watches
I remember the thrill of the hunt
The one for the witches
Purifying these lands
Have never made me feel richer
My shoulder to the plow
And even if it pains me
My plow will not be broken
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 0
Growls and grunts
From the edge of the forest
You shouldn’t look
It’s not your business.
Moans and rasps
From the edge of the woods
Use your blind eye
You shouldn’t interfere
Screams and wails
From the bushes close by
Ignore it my friend
Its inhumane to help
Just remember
When you read this in the paper
Tell everyone how bad you feel
And how you wish you could have helped
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 0
Connect with yourself
Become one
Don’t be afraid child
You won’t be undone
Make your Lucifer kiss God
Make darkness touch light
I can see your fright
But don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid to embrace them
Don’t be afraid to watch them
These dark feelings inside you
Exists cause of your light
Draw your pentagrams in crosses
Make them come together
But don’t confuse them
Lucifer is not the son.
You do not have only one
You have both
Embrace your sides
Understand them
Lucifer is a part of you
And so is God
Connect them
To become you
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 0
No Escape
Hate me
Break me
You can’t escape
Scar me
Gorge me
I still won’t let you go
As I slowly torture you
You must realize
This battle is lost
Make me
Shape me
You won’t ever understand
Cut me
Rape me
I laugh at your attempts
Watching you try
Seeing your struggle
Brings me eternal joy
Look in the mirror
And I am what you see
I am you
I am your body
And there is
No escape
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 4 0
I’m only a part
Of what I used to be
Now I’m scared
Useless for eternity
How can I be lost
My path have been paved for me
How can I feel alone
They have my back all the time
I’m torn to pieces
Lost in the trash of my old self
Forgotten what I’m
Please stop haunting me
I don’t understand
How could I become this way?
Walking in the dark
Even though I got all I ever need
There is a darkness inside
And it won’t let me go
I dunno who I am
Am I truly someone?
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 2 2
Burn me
Purify me
Me make feel new
Incinerate the old
So I can rise from my ashes
To become anew
Burn me with wisdom
Purify me with the truth
Make me someone better
Shape me into someone new
Don’t stop the process
To become anew
Burn me for my lies
Purify me from my darkness
Create me in your image
Produce a product you can be proud of
When I scream
I become anew
Every step
is a step closer
For me to become
The greatest
The best
Version of myself
A phoenix risen for its own ashes
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 0
I’m sorry
So sorry
My Friend
I know I said
I’d Never hurt you again
I’m sorry
So sorry
My love
I know i love you
But devotion comes to and end
I’m sorry
So sorry
The lies are gone
For every broken promise
I just knew what I had done wrong
I’m sorry
So sorry
Every broken heart
I tried to mend you
But I slipped causing you to fall apart
I’m sorry
For all I have done
And I will say it again
Even if it heals no one
I’m sorry
So sorry
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 0
Just A Part?
Just a part?
Are we just a part
Of something stronger
Something better
Something loving?
Or are we just a part
Of the darkness
We enshroud ourselves in
As our cruelty develops into spires
Casting a shadow over the earth
Are we just a part
Of something broken
Something worthless
Something lost?
Or are we just another part
Of the wall we call society
Slowly barricading ourselves inside
As our walls become bigger, stronger
Casting a shadow over ourselves
Are we just a part
Of something great
Lost in its own darkness
As the spires grow taller
And our walls become stronger
We are prisoners in our own prison
And we stumble in our own darkness
We are just a part
And every part
Every piece to the puzzle
Is lost
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 1 2



Current Residence: Norway
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Well, I dunno if I can say I'm back or not. One thing is sure thought and that is that I'm back for other reasons than I when I wrote before. When I post now, it's more of an artistic emission ( dunno if that's the right word to use ). I'm not sad or anything, just in a neutral mood and just thinking.

Other than that, I really wanna learn how to draw xD So I'm going to practice that, and if I do get proud enough of my work I might post it.

Hope you enjoy whatever I post and yeah, enjoy life :D


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