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Submitted on
October 4, 2012
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How can I dream
When I'm hurt?
How can I smile
When I'm dirt?

How can I hope
When I'm forgotten?
How can I be
When I'm nothing?

I don't know how
But there are some things
That you just have to do
If not for yourself
Then for someone close

I don't know if these words
Will impact you, or set an impression
But take this advice
From an old cutter
It gets better, even if your life has melted like butter

You're not forgotten
You're always in someone's mind
You're not dirt
Cause to someone you shine

There is still hope for you
Even if your dream is broken
I noticed that
When the girl I loved, came even closer

Don't hurt yourself today
Cause you never know
What comes
I've a friend who has had, very hard days lately, and let's put it like this, her skin shows it >-< I hate to see her hurt, she's just the kindest person I know, and she is accually the reason I wake up every morning to be honest..... may sound stupid, but I dunno how I'd do without her, she helped me on my lowest, I owe her my life and........ the lines in the start are some thougts I had to myself before the time she helped me >-<

I will honestly just say it here that I love her with all my heart and if she reads this, know that you're everything I got, I never wanna lose you, ever >-<
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Beautiful! And as someone who's had issues with cutting, I have to say: having this kind of support makes worlds of difference. I hope things work out for you both!:D
I hope she thinks so >_<
I'll send an army of warm fuzzies to ensure your happiness!:D
SplitNinja Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is very sweet.^^
SplitNinja Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is. No worries.
This is actually rather hope-inspiring. And the story you've told in the description is just beautiful in its own melancholic way.
I'm glad you think so :3
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