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Submitted on
June 26, 2012
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Tear the rose apart
Let the blossom die
Tear it like you tear a heart
Fill it with your empty lies

Scream in deaths name
Cause that's what it does
Set it on fire
And as it burns laugh

The rose is your light
The rose is your dream
Still you destroy it
The virginity of pendants

The rose has its thorns
But it doesn't want to hurt you
The rose is insecure
And still it smells so sweet

The rose is a symbol
That makes us think
The rose is a hope
And it decays, In a dying world
I think this is more classical me in a way XD XD And for those who're like: OMG YOU JUST TOOK THAT IDEA FROM THE BLEEDING ROSE!!! OMG YOU HAVE NO FRESH IDEASSS!!!!! For those people I got one thing, as I mentioned in the poem, The rose is a symbol, and that's how I see it :) There are many ways you can describe something as a rose, some use a rose as a way to say the female sexual organ even XD Also for me, the rose is something untouched, something pure, but as I also said in this poem, it's decaying in a dying world :)

Personally I think this is one of the best I have written in ages :) Personally ofc XD Sorry for no posts lately, got a lot going on ftm, but I will try at least two posts each week >-< If you do not mind ofc XDD
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that is why i love the rose so much this poem is very amazing
nice job dude :D
spielmitmir26 Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I think roses are definately symbolic of passion, whether sexual or life-force. Things that in society we keep trimmed back, holding back our true spirit to fit in. Its not a true life, in a way we are all decaying, held in one spot and carefully trimmed by the gardener that is the status quo. Those who grow wild are cut down, and we all long to grow higher and be free, see over the edge of the fence.
There is a truth in what you say :) Even thought I like societies, and it helps people to, it can hold some back :)
yay! :3
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