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Submitted on
July 15, 2012
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There are places so dark
That we can't see
There are places so dark
That we feel lonely

There are whispers in the dark
That makes our ears bleed
There are whispers in the dark
That makes us scared

As the darkness surrounds us
We look for a light
As the darkness embraces us
We start to fight

We don't want to live a life
In the dark
We don't want to live a life
In the shadows

As we look for a source of light
We realize
As we look for a small hope
We understand

There is always someone there
Even when it's dark
There is always someone there
Who will ignite your spark

You're never alone
Even in the dark
You're never alone
Not even in your heart

In the darkness we find light
But we forget who helped us in the start
In the darkness we find our fright
But we never forget how it fell apart

We live in shadows to hide for ourselves
Cause we know that deep within us
Is something we do not want someone else to see
A monster of a kind, something that's not really you
But it will always be a part of you

But even at the darkest moments
Even when the monster is closer than ever
There is always a light ready
You just have to stretch your arm
And reach for it
This came to me today and I wrote it down XD It seemed never ending, but I really LOVE the outcome :D The best one I have written in a long while :D

A small story here :3 I went to see the new spiderman movie: The Amazing Spiderman I think it's called, and in a way, I remembered this poem. Cause in the movie, comes bad times, and good times, and you notice that a hero starts to grown, not only in spiderman, but also in the civilazation. Like they got a role model in a way, and they found the currage to help him. That's when I thought and realized, as much as there is a monster in us, there is always a hero, waiting to come out, waiting to help, and that hero is always inside us, the monster may take the upper hand but the hero is there, and he or she fights to help you! :D Humans are bad nor good, a person is bad nor good, people are who they want to be, but some are closer to their monster, than to their hero :)

Sorry for that long thing xD XD I just thought it was words someone might enjoy and smile to, maybe give them some hope :) In the end that's what makes us all go, a hope for something, and I could continue for AGES but I will stop it here XD Have a nice day people :D Hope you enjoyed :D
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Light in the Darkness, something good to remember. :)
We must always remember that the light is still there, even if we think it has gone out.
Yeah :D I agree :3
CuddleSlut17 Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
the ryme scheme is great. A very good message as well. Really nice job.
CuddleSlut17 Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Anytime :)
Crystal-the-CC Jul 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
The second and seventh stanza reminded me of Whispers in the Dark by Skillet. Very nice poem :D
I like that song :D Thank yah :3
Crystal-the-CC Jul 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome :)
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